Tips For Tuning Up Your Resume

Looking for some quick advice on how to improve your resume? Check out 8 Things You Must Know While Writing a Resume over at Employment Digest. Written by Anna Stewart, it provides some simple but useful tips for helping your resume stand out.

Among the advice:

Avoid The Use Of Pronouns

Using the words “I” “he”, “she” etc. in the resume does not leave good impact on the employers. It rather seems weird. Use of pronouns in the resume shows your amateurish and unprofessional nature. Actually there is no need to use pronouns as it is but obvious that the resume is about you.


Use Bullets And Numbering

Bullets and numberings make a resume readable; therefore it is important to use the numberings or bullets in the resume. It also makes your resume look neat.

Check out the full list here.

One thought on “Tips For Tuning Up Your Resume

  1. All great tips, but like the fax machine, the traditional paper resume is on its last legs – then what? It’s all going digital video and soon. No question writing skills will always come into play, but more employers are interested in finding candidates that “get it”. Technologically savvy candidates will be at the front of the line and I’m too old! Check out – we’ve made it easy. Thanks.

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