Crowd-Sourced Interview Tips

MSN Careers, a great source of generic job search advice, has a crowd-sourced article up filled with tricks on how you can improve your interview performance. Have You Tried These Interview Tips? contains the advice of many successful job seekers across a variety of industries.

It is the fact that the advice is coming directly from job seekers (who are able to share “what works”) that I like most about this piece.

Among the best advice:

…talk if as if you already have the job. Say ‘I will,” not ‘I would.’ ‘I can,’ not ‘I could.’ This will remove doubt instead of inject it. Bosses like someone confident and proactive.


The interview is not about the candidate, it’s about the job. No matter how great you are as a person or employee, the interviewer is trying to fill a position. Hence, talk about the job as much as possible. Ask what a perfect candidate would be like. Only occasionally talk about yourself and only to show how you suit their requirements.

Regardless of whether you are actively looking for work, planning to switch careers, or just enjoy reading interesting material, this article is worth a read.

Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Crowd-Sourced Interview Tips

  1. I like number one. Another good one would be starting something off with “I helped the company to….” before describing the accomplishment.

    Number two, on the other hand, I don’t agree with. If you only “occasionally talk about yourself and only to show how you suit their requirements,” you answer the question of whether or not you have the job skills.

    But you don’t answer “will I be motivated to do the job?” nor “will I fit in with the manager’s team?” and you’ll miss getting the job. You need to answer all three questions.

    • I agree, it’s vital to answer all of these questions. I just took it that it is important to ensure that you talk about your fit relative to the position, instead of just extolling your own virtues without reference to the job.

      Thanks for the comment!

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