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Advice and Informational Articles

How Attainable is a Human Services Career?

What is human services? The exact definition will vary greatly depending on who you ask, as the job market is expansive and complicated to say the least. From social workers and occupational therapists to marriage counselors and mental health coordinators; the number of careers that fall under the purview of “human services” is enough to […]

Five Reasons to Get Into Public Health

In today’s challenging job market, chances are that you have heard that healthcare is one of the few fields that continues to grow. Demand for trained healthcare professionals is always on the rise, and the field offers more job security than almost any other. When you think of healthcare jobs, though, you probably think of […]

Interview with a Senior Graphic Designer

This is a true story as told to JustJobs Academy which houses career interviews and job search advice for professionals in any industry.  Visit to read about how to take notes and ask for feedback on the job. I am a senior graphic designer for a printing company in North Carolina. I have 17 years […]

How to Perform at your Best in a Video Interview

Are you ready for your close up? If not, you should be, because your next job interview for that dream graduate job may be a video interview. Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to shortlist candidates and perhaps even select the successful candidate. Why are employers choosing this interview method? Difficult economic conditions […]

How Much Competition is there for a Public Administration Career?

A degree in public administration serves to prepare the graduate for work in the higher levels of public service. This kind of degree can be taken in multiple directions in life. A civil servant will work in the public sector, perhaps for the government at either local, state or federal levels, or for non-governmental or […]

Tips to Looking Your Best on a Budget for Women

Let’s face it you want to look amazing but your bank account is a little less amazing. Sure, you could look dewy, do eyed and perfectly groomed if we were all celebrities that have live in chefs and makeup artists. And with that fresh out of college bank account, chances are we aren’t millionaires and […]

How to Create an Interviewable Resume

Many job seekers have the misconception that creating a great resume will help them score a job. But this is actually not the case. The great resume actually scores the interview—and if the interview is great, then you may score the job. In other words, if you want a company to call you in for […]

4 Ways Online Education Enhances Convenience for Students

In many schools across the country, taking online courses is no longer a choice. Educators from elementary school to higher education are recognizing the vast importance of introducing students to the benefits of digital learning materials as a way to prepare them for the tech-dependent professional world they’ll soon encounter. Although students may not always […]

Interview with an Advertising Executive

This is a true story as told to LatPro.com, the worldwide leader in providing online employment resources for Hispanic and bilingual professionals. LatPro is the largest diversity employment site in the U.S. and the most complete personal career advancement service for Latino and bilingual professionals. Read the following interview with an Advertising Executive and get […]

3 Steps to Creating an Attention-Grabbing Resume

In a time when millions of workers are unemployed and competition for positions is higher than ever, you want to make sure that you’re able to stand out among your competition. But how can your resume make an impact when so many others are applying? Take a look at these three steps to creating an […]

Diversify Your Job Search

In our technologically advanced world, there are more and more ways to be job searching. Although email and craigslist are your go-to searching techniques, it’s important that you employ a variety of tactics. This ensures that you are getting a complete view of your job options and reaching every employer possible. “You’ve posted your resume online and are […]

3 Ways to Contribute to Your Resume without “Real” Job Experience

One of the most difficult aspects of finding a job immediately out of college is approaching a competitive job market with little to no actual work experience. With so many qualified individuals on the job market today, it can be a real struggle to get your foot in the door. Experience is everything. Or at least that is […]

Oh, The Places You (Might) Go

When it comes time for a major life transition, there are so many factors to consider. Whether you are looking for a new career or continuing your education, you have to decide where you want to live, what kind of experience you’re looking for, and what school or job fits your needs best. If you […]

Interview Answers That’ll Knock Their Socks Off!

Job searching can be a harrowing one whether it happens before or after graduation. Though the economy is showing signs of life, employers have had the dubious luxury of choice in a job market flooded with prospects. Many of the tactics developed to pull the cream of the crop from the applicant pool are still […]

Interview with a Technical Writer

This is a true story as told to DiversityJobs, where you can find career interviews for the job you’ve been looking at and available positions in your desired field. I am a Technical Writer who works in the IT industry. I have about five years experience in this position. I write technical documentation, white papers, […]